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Smiths Station
Fire Protection District
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updated: 3 Nov 2022

General Image
Fire Fee Specific Image
Timeline of the Establishment of Fire District Image
Board of Directors Image
Ambulance Operations Image
Fire Fee Payments Image
Fire Fee Payment Options Image
Public Accountability Image
Fire Fee Flyer:
Fire Fee Trifold Fyler Image
Printing Receipt Image
Post Office Receipt Image
Fire District Employee Information:
List of Full Time Employees & Pay rates Image
Corporate Secretary Job Description Image
Billing Clerk Job Description Image
Financial Data:
Monthly Reports Image
FY 2023 Budget Image
SSFPD Articles of Incorporation Image
SSFPD By-Laws Image
SSFPD Boundaries Map Image
SSFPD Legal Description of Boundaries Image
SSFR/SSFPD Merger Image
Sample SSFPD Monthly Residential Invoice Image
SSFPD Fire Protection Rates Image
SSFPD Hardship Request Form Image
SSFPD Open Meetings Notifications:
2022 Meetings Image
2023 Schedule Image
Other Agenda & Minutes:
2-22-2022 City Council Agenda Image
2-22-2022 City Council Minutes Image
Smiths Station City Council Resolution 2022-460 Image
2-28-2022 County Commission Agenda Image
2-28-2022 County Commission Minutes Image
County Commission Resolution Image
Additional Information:
Board Meeting Agenda & Minutes Image
Town Hall:
Town Hall Meeting Invite Image
Town Hall Meeting Media Release Image
Town Hall Facebook Notices Image
Town Hall Official Notice Image
Playback our Town Hall Meeting Image
SSFPD Town Hall PowerPoint Image
Social Media Posts:
8-21-2022 Image
Group Shares Image
Misc Posts Image
Misc Post Sharing trifold Image
News Articles:
WRBL 2/7/22 Image
WRBL 2/28/22 Image
WTVM 7/6/22 Image
WSFA 2/4/22 Image
Opelika Observer 2/9/22 Image
Opelika Observer 3/2/22 Image
Opelika-Auburn News 2/7/22 Image
Opelika-Auburn News 9/21/22 Image
Fire Apparatus Magazine Image
Other Information:
SSFR Calls vs National Average Image
SSFR Calls vs the Rest of Lee County VFDs Image
Fire Fee vs Trash Fee Image

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Smiths Station Fire Protection District
50 Lee Rd 430
Smiths Station, AL 36877


Smiths Station Fire Protection District is the legal name of Smiths Station Fire & Rescue